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This is the only herbal mixture has delivered more than 2100+ Nigerian men from poor sexual performance. It transformed their Gbola into a correct German machine. Destroyed erectile dysfunction. Boosted sexual stamina. And made their women want more sexual action.

Look, there are three things that make your woman HATE your sexual performance:

Small penis

Premature ejaculations

Poor libido

If you can cure these three things, she will call on you every night. 

She will even start seducing you to return home early.

Your dinner will be two plates. One on the table. The other one inside the bedroom.

Let me tell you a story.

There’s this compound, I used to live in one time. Inside, there was this newly married man who lived next to me. We, his neighbors called him Oga Godwin. 

One day, at midnight, I remember I was lying on my bed, thinking about something that I can’t even remember. This was around 11pm-12am in the midnight. 

What interrupted my thoughts was the sounds I was hearing from Oga Godwin’s room. I had to put my ears to the wall to hear well. What I heard that night is very funny:

“Ah…ah…ah…mmm” “Yes, Victory” “Don’t stop o…” “Mmm…mmm…yee…”

It was Godwin’s wife voice. I smiled because I knew what was happening inside that room. 

After some minutes even my junior under there started to rise. I can’t even remember when I slept smiling. The next morning, I greeted Oga Godwin well. He is a correct man.

See, if there is anything you should understand, it is that woman love sex. They love a man who can knack well.

Her respect for you will multiply. She will be the one begging you for sex. 

You will not need to tell her to come to you. She will be the one asking when you will be back home. 

Even the way she looks at you will change, because she knows you are a correct man everywhere.

What I am about to tell you now is, 

THE HERBAL SECRET MORE THAN 2100+ Nigerian Men are taking to enjoy Powerful Sexual Pleasure every night in the bedroom with their woman.

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This herbal mixture helped those men


Topmo herbal tea and capsule …the #1 secret Pen*s enhancer in Nigeria for Men who want take their Women inside the Bedroom and give her correct orgasm with their strong and thick Peniz

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If you are a Nigerian Man

Then Topmo Herbal is EXACTLY what you need.

Only one pack of Topmo herbal tea and capsule will:

You just need to try it this once, with just ONE pack

It is the only PERMANENT, natural and healthy solution in Nigeria for men who want to cure Weak Ejaculation,

“My Husband has transformed sexually…even better than I expected!”

“I never thought this day will come. Before last week, the last time I and my husband made love was June 2022. The sex has always been short. He didn’t last long. One, two, three…He cums and that’s all. Even his size was small.

In December I saw your product and decided to get one for my husband. When I bought it, I convinced him it was going to help us have new sexual experiences. 

After two weeks of using the product, I and my husband had sex again and it was different! His peniz felt bigger inside me, and my whole body felt the electricity from each thrust He makes into my private region. 

It’s as if He’s a different person. 

Since December, we are making love nearly every night! Thank you for this product. It really works.

I suffered from low sexual confidence as a man many years ago. Anytime it was time to enter my woman, my peniz was never strong enough. It was just weak. Hard to rise, and hard to get strong. When I finally released sperm, it was only in small amounts. 

Look, it was hard for me not to think about this. 

Even my wife got tired, because she wasn’t enjoying the kind of sex I was giving her. I didn’t want this to continue. I didn’t feel like a man.

I tried different products, none of them worked well. Some would work for only a few days then stop working completely as if my oga down there was getting used to them. After some months, I entered into pure herbal mixtures. Some old men and grandfathers recommended different leaves to me from my hometown. I tried all of them with better success. 

But in the end, this product, this one here was the magic. It gave me the permanent solution to all those problems – only this one product: 

Look, if you are suffering from any of those things like I did, then I recommend you give this product only ONE CHANCE. I promise it will change your sexual life from today (or the day you buy it).

This product will make your woman know that you are not just any kind of man but you are a man with manpower too! 

IMAGINE waking up tomorrow night and your peniz has become strong and powerful, ready to conquer your woman’s territory.

IMAGINE only two days from today, your woman is begging you to enter her more and more, because you know how to make sex sweet, with your powerful peniz. 

That is what Topmo herbal tea and capsule will do for you.


The first time Topmo came into the market, 25 men out of 70 testified that their Peniz grew bigger in under 14 days. Another 30 men testified that their erectile dysfunction disappeared in just 20 days. 

Why are we telling you this?

We want you to give Topmo a try and see what happens in 21-30 days. Yes. Take 30 days and watch as your junior man completely changes into a machine that can satisfy any woman. BUT, 

If after those 30 days you discover that nothing has changed – your Peniz is still the same, and you still can’t perform well in bed, call us and ask for your money back. We will refund you within 48 hours. 

One Big Issue…the Product is nearly finished.

Currently, we cannot give Topmo herbal tea and capsule to everybody who orders. Why? The amount in our hands is small. In fact, we have only 52 packs of Topmo herbal tea and capsule left.  


We are giving each of those packs to the first people who order them. No waiting. You place your order, you get your product. 

We are sorry if the product doesn’t reach you or is not available when you order. The demand for Topmo herbal tea and capsule is bigger than what we can produce at the moment.

But if you choose to order today, we have some gifts for you…

Gift #1 – 50% Discount

Yes! Because you order today, we want to slash the price of Topmo herbal tea and capsule  by 50% for you. Why? Because we want to reach the average Nigerian man who needs this product. So, instead of paying – N30,000, You pay only –


We know if other old users of Topmo see this, they may be angry with us. That’s why this gift is only available for today.

We must also pay our workers and doctors, so we cannot afford to keep the bonus for longer than today.

Gift #2 – Free Delivery

es! We will deliver the product to you anywhere in Nigeria for FREE! From our own pocket, we will pay the transportation fare that takes this product from our warehouse, directly to your doorstep.

You don’t need to pay anything. It’s that simple.

Gift #3 – Bigger Discount

If you decide to buy more packs of Topmo for your friends or relatives, get even more price cuts! 


We want men to know what it means to enter a woman, and make her beg you not to stop. 

We want men to last longer penetrate the sweet zone of their women.

We want men to become confident in the bedroom as they satisfy their women with different styles.

WE KNOW IT’S POSSIBLE. Because we have done it before for more than 2100 Nigerian men who came back to testify


Show Your Woman that You Can Still Do Wonders in the Bedroom. 



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