Legal Rap

Yo, listen up, I’m here to chat
‘Bout legal stuff, how ’bout that?
From non-solicitation in Minnesota agreement
To filing quarterly taxes, who’s got to pay, don’t relax taxes
So you wanna get into contracting work? Tips and strategies with a little smirk
Checkin’ statement vs. agreement, what’s the deal? Legal differences for real
Got some crypto in Indonesia, what’s the law? Regulations and laws, no flaw
In Nevada, consent laws, what you gotta know? Understanding legal requirements, it’s the way to go
Hennepin County probate court address, where is it at? Find location and hours, that’s a fact
Need a lawyer for your needs, no need to tarry Ferrari law for the best representation, so merry
Tax law courses in South Africa, top programs abound Expert instructors to surround
And if you’re into dungeon and dragons, the game that rules Expert guide for all you fools





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