Legal Raps and Legal Taps

Yo yo yo, let’s talk about the law today

From Darwin to California, we’re here to say

Revised Locker Agreement PNB

Check out the revised locker agreement PNB, it’s got some legal updates

Are Folding Knives Legal in California?

California’s got some rules, you hear?

Are folding knives legal in California? Let’s make it clear

Darwin Supreme Court List

Down under in Darwin, they got a list

Check out the Supreme Court list, they ain’t gonna miss

How Much Are Vehicle Service Contracts?

When it comes to cars, you gotta know

Find out how much vehicle service contracts go

Saskatchewan LIRA Unlocking Rules

Up in Saskatchewan, they’ve got some rules

Learn about LIRA unlocking rules, no need for fool’s

Blackmail Australia Law

In Australia, they’ve got laws too

Understand blackmail laws, before you make your move

Law Firms for Internship

Looking for an internship in the legal game?

Check out law firms for internship, get some legal fame

Law of Agreement

Contracts and obligations, it’s a legal dance

The law of agreement will give you a legal stance

OHL Draft Rules

For hockey fans, this one’s for you

Get the lowdown on the OHL draft rules, before the season’s through

Potts Law Firm

When you’ve got a case, you’ll need some help

Call the Potts Law Firm, they’ll make your case swell





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